New Website

"If there are two barbers in town, you should go to the one with the worse haircut"

I've found myself saying this a bit too often lately, as I've explained to prospective clients why they should do business with me, a website builder whose own website is old, clunky and out-of-date.  While it's true that I've been busy working on other people's sites to the detriment of my own, I finally decided I'd just take a weekend and redo my own business site.  My art and music site is even more dated & I'll be revamping that one also in the next week or so.

So, here we have a shiny new Drupal 7 site that is really so simple that it only took me a few hours to build.  Most of that time was spent decided what content to keep from the old site.

I LOVE Drupal.