Home from DrupalCon DC

I arrived home last night from DrupalCon DC and my brain will be busy digesting everything I learned for some time to come. The information was flowing fast and free. For the most part it was highly technical but there were parts that also delved into Drupal, the open source movement, and the web as a social phenomenon too. Drupal founder Dries Buytaert spoke of the way Drupal has continued to develop as the work of an community of volunteers who organize themselves to solve problems rather than do as they're told. "Coordination replacing planning." Regarding the current economic crisis, I learned that recovery.gov is running on Drupal. Also, there is an advantage to building on open source products because they are supported by communities of people rather than companies. One thing we are learning is that no company is immune from crisis and may not be around to support its products tomorrow. This concern does not apply to open source software. The following plenary address by philosopher David Weinberger, "Is Drupal Moral?" is not technical and may be of interest to my readers: